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Last updated : 03 Feb 2023

Want Easy Access to the Best Live Dealer Casino Sites?

Everyone wants to play at the best live dealer casino sites, as they’re the ones that provide the most value to their customers. The trouble is that from the outside, it’s hard to tell the difference between the good sites and the bad, which means that there’s a chance you could waste your money on live blackjack casino sites that are simply not worth your time.

However, that’s not an issue for regular users of our top-rated live dealer casino list, as it contains absolutely everything you could possibly need to know about each operator. With this information in your possession, you can side-step sites that offer a substandard experience and hone straight in on the very best casinos out there.

This insight is the result of an exhausting review process that our team carries out on each and every live dealer casino online. Evaluating every element that’s important to the playing experience from the customer’s perspective, this invaluable data is continuously updated, so that you can always rely on its accuracy and relevance.

The Live Dealer Casino Experience

When it comes to gambling, there is no better way to experience it than in a real-world, brick-and-mortar casino. However, most of us don’t have the time or the cash to travel to a casino resort and enjoy what it has to offer. Fortunately, there is something available online that offers the same excitement and it comes in the form of live dealer casinos.

There are more and more live roulette online casino sites appearing all the time due to the popularity of this exciting form of gambling. While you might not be there physically, in person, you will get an altogether different gambling experience. For starters – as the name would suggest – you get the benefit of live dealers, which instantly offer a more authentic casino experience while you’re trying to win real money.

Gambling With a Sociable Aspect

Live dealer gambling offers one of the most attractive aspects of real-world casinos – sociability. These kinds of services usually have a live chat feature that allows gamblers to not only talk to the dealer but also other gamblers. While nothing could ever quite replace what you’d find in a real casino, it gets pretty close in terms of enjoyment and sociability.

Dedicated Live Table Games

Another great thing about live dealer games is the fact that you choose the one that suits your specific gambling requirements. For instance, whether you’re playing baccarat, roulette, or poker at the top live sites, there are typically tables available for all levels of gamblers, from low-stakes novices to high-rolling, high-stakes players. It’s the kind of variety that keeps casino gambling interesting!

Multiple Languages Supported

When playing at the best live dealer sites, you’ll often find a range of different tables available with native-speaking dealers. They speak German, French, Turkish, Greek, Italian, Swedish, English, and many more languages fluently, so this allows everyone to get the same top-level casino experience, regardless of nationality.

Most Popular Types of Live Dealer Games

The term ‘live dealer games’ covers a range of different options available for punters to enjoy, each with their own unique bonuses and features. Let’s take a look at some of them…

  • Live Roulette – usually featuring either the European or American version of the roulette table, this is a game of chance with a variety of different ways of wagering. Bet on black, red, sets of numbers, or a single number – depending on the odds you prefer. You’ll find tables with $1 limits up to $250k limits for those with a richer taste.
  • Live Blackjack – another popular table game found in live dealer casinos that requires bettors to hit 21 or, at the very least, a number higher than the house. Typically, there will be several tables to choose from depending on how much you want to bet – this ranges from $5 per hand for low-rollers up to the highest stakes of $5,000 and more.
  • Live Baccarat – there’s more exciting live dealer betting to be had on the baccarat table. It’s a game that looks particularly confusing from the outside, but once you understand what the various table areas are, it turns into a hugely enjoyable gambling option with stakes ranging anywhere from $5 all the way up to $2,500.
  • Live Poker – available in a variety of different forms, poker is perhaps the most well-known of all casino games and the live online version is just as exciting as the real thing. This is a game where you have to hold your nerve, particularly when the pot on the table is high. Again, you can choose to play at a level you’re happy with or try and win big money on high-roller tables.

The Lengths We Go to For Your Gambling Enjoyment

Our sole purpose is to make finding the finest live dealer casinos easier for our readers, so we go to great lengths to ensure that’s possible. We assess every single aspect of the casinos we review, with only those that perform well where it counts getting our vote.

Some of the metrics we evaluate include:

  • Number & Variety of Live Dealer Game Tables – the most important metric when talking about live dealer casinos is the number and variety of live tables the casino offers. If a site doesn’t offer this, combined with a wide selection of non-live casino options like slots, it just won’t rate highly on our list.
  • Responsiveness & Availability of Customer Service – just like another type of product or service, online casinos need to back up what they offer with responsive and always available customer support. On the best sites, this is typically offered via a number of channels that include phone, email, and live chat that’s accessible around the clock.
  • The Website Security Offered – one of the cornerstones of any top casino experience is the provision of a secure playing environment, which is why only those that run a tight ship will get anywhere near the top of our ratings. High-level encryption to protect your money and your personal details is the very least you should be expecting from the casinos you play at.
  • The Mobile-Friendliness of the Casino – in this modern age when everyone has a smartphone, fewer and fewer people are doing their gambling in front of a PC. That means any live dealer casino worth its salt will offer a seamless experience on any device to include laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.

Add to this the languages supported, payment methods accepted, slot RTP rates, and more. If it’s a metric that affects the playing enjoyment offered, our team rates it.

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