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Baccarat: rules, strategies and odds of winning


Rules, strategies and odds of winning

Baccarat is a classic gambling which will not be forgotten soon. Probably it will be be played forever. Today baccarat cannot be called a passion, it is rather an interesting way to spend time which lets you play with small bet amounts and without etiquette rules.The majority of gamblers likes this fact and that is why this game is so popular among players who do not want to spend too much money on games.

Basic rules of baccarat and their importance

Before playing baccarat one needs to study rules though they are do not considered very difficult. Game begins when a dealer deals the cards to a player and to themselves. A player’s objective is to guess who is more lucky. Then a player makes bets. There are 3 types of bets in baccarat, we will tell about them later.

Basically this is why the game is considered passive: a player has limited choice of type and amount of bets. Croupier is in charge of distribute winnings and counting points and it means that a player does almost nothing during the mage itself. Besides that, a player has to understand that a casino is put in position to win since there is a mathematical advantage over a player. This indicator is almost equal for both a banker and a player and it is one tenth of a percent that depends on withdrawal coefficient and number of card decks.

Generally, the rules of the game are very simple. But despite this, players do ned to study them, especially if they are about to play using real money. And if you decide to play, we recommend you to choose only the best online-casinos.

Tips and tricks for baccarat

There are three types of bets in baccarat: Player, Tie and Banker. Figuring out what is what is not difficult. There are three zones on the gaming table in front of a player where they can place bets at their discretion. There are the following types of bets:


The bet is placed on victory of a player. If a player wins, the croupier takes away all bets placed on the bank and on a draw, and pays off all bets that are placed on the player with 1: 1 ratio;


The bet is placed on a draw, in other words, on an equal number of points of the banker and the player. If the player wins, the croupier takes away all bets that are placed on the player and the bank, and pays off all bets that were made on a draw with 8: 1 ratio;


The bet is placed on victory of the banker. If a player wins, the croupier takes away all bets that are placed on the player and on a draw, and pays off all bets that are placed on the bank with 1: 1 ratio. The unique part of this bet is that, according to the rules, in case of winning, a casino takes a 5% commission.

Мы, By the way, we do not recommend betting on a draw, even if your intuition tells you so. In fact, this kind of bet is completely unprofitable, since games end in a draw very rarely , even in sports.

Is it effective to use strategies?

Our attitude does not change. Strategies are absolutely useless. We believe that all strategies are beneficial only for casinos, and not to players. Strategies only waste players’ time and often confuse them. For instance, card counting. Casinos recommend all new players to study card counting, but in fact, this approach works only in offline casinos, where the dealer takes away the played cards, in online casinos card counting does not work, since the entire deck is used during a game. This also applies to a lot of other strategies. But situation is not so hopeless. There is some benefit in counting cards. You can determine which bet is the most profitable. But this changes so little and it is not worth the time you spend. Just play for fun!

Should I play baccarat: a couple of recommendations

Beginners ofter wonder if it is worth playing baccarat at all. We will answer the same way. Play as much as you want, but play wisely, and preferably not with your own money. The first thing you should do before playing is learning the rules of the game and then realizing that advantage will always be on the side of the casino. You can try any strategies, but advantage will stay on the casino’s side. There is nothing you can do about it. Next, you need to decide what type of bet you want to make, since your chances of victory depend exactly on this.

Firstly, we recommend not to accept bonuses due to high wagering requirements. If you want to play with bonuses, at least study the conditions of their use so you are not caught off guard. Second of all, a bet on a banker is more profitable than a bet on a player. For example, a player’s advantage is 1.29%, and a banker’s advantage is 1.01%. Let’s not talk about a bet on a draw since we have already talked about it. Third of all, the more card decks there are in the game, the less profitable it is for the player, although it is only fractions of a percent. And last but not least, it is important to check the size of commission for a bet on the banker. Choose games with a commission below 4%.

Conslusion: play as much you want, but keep in mind our tips. Make reasonable bets and keep everything under control.


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